Circular IQ

We are Circular IQ. We believe that access to relevant information and digitization are key to transition to a full-scale circular economy. In this future shaped by the circular economy we will know where our products come from. How they are produced (including working conditions & human rights issues) and what materials they are made out of. Circular IQ makes circularity measurable and manageable. Our software provides real time circularity insights based on information coming directly from suppliers on criteria originating from best-in-class sustainability programs safely, and on a scale that was never before possible. And it also increases transparency.

Circular economy systems tackle challenges related to climate change and resource scarcity. Businesses that incorporate circularity in their business practices require more- and new types of information. Our smart IT solutions help them collect and manage relevant data on what it is they buy and sell. Insight in circularity characteristics generates business-value, stimulate collection, re-use and upcycling of all materials in endless cycles.

Circular IQ has created a unique and proprietary and user centric platform that makes it easy and more fun to collect, analyze and share circularity data for manufacturers in all business-areas. Change is here; get on board!