Cash right away for flight delay claims

Based on EU law, passengers on delayed/cancelled flights are often entitled to compensation varying between EUR 250 and EUR 600. Airlines are however often reluctant to compensate their passengers.

Happy Delay changes the way passengers get compensated for flight delays/cancellations. Our unique business model is that we buy flight claims from passengers and immediately pay the passenger his/her compensation (less our margin of 36% incl. VAT). We collect the claim with the airline. Due to our immediate payment, the passenger has certainty and no more hassle of collection with the airline.

For years, there have been companies that assist passengers on a “no cure, no pay” basis (e.g. EUclaim, Airhelp), which do not offer a guaranteed payment. Also a few startups have commenced buying claims (e.g. Claimingo, Claimit). They however typically pay 40% (or so) of the claim to the passenger. Despite the efforts of these companies, still only a small portion (estmated 20% to 30%) of the passengers that are (likely) entitled to compensation, actually submit their claims with the airline. Hence, something is missing in the market: A company like us that offers the best of both worlds by paying within 24 hours and where passengers keep the majority of their claim.