car sharing 2.0

Amber is a next-generation car sharing platform that uses an AI driven, intelligent application and modified electric cars. The solution reduces the number of cars needed to service a given number of users. The Amber service is easy to use, convenient, affordable, and environmentally friendly, for both private users, commuters and companies. With Amber, users have on-demand access to mobility. No other car sharing platform in the world has developed a solution that can guarantee users mobility whenever and wherever they need it. Amber stands for true mobility on demand.

Car users today, whether they own or lease for private or corporate purposes, all struggle with three main problems: cost and hassle, inefficiency, and negative environmental impact. These problems are caused by our relationship with cars and how we use them today.
With the Amber app, users are guaranteed instant on-demand access to electric mobility. Currently available for corporate uses, our service is extremely convenient, affordable, and environmentally friendly, allowing organizations to reduce cost, lease car fleet management and allow their employees to commute with an alternative, while being mobile at the workspace. Our vision is to be able to provide on-demand mobility for everybody.