We are a 100% online car retailer. Each year 1.7 million used cars are changing ownership. Today people spend up to 95% of their decision making journey online. Fact has it, that this part; watching car videos, reading independent tests, comparing prices, studying reviews of dealers and getting to know all the ins and outs of their dreamcar is time happily spend. This enjoyable part was always followed up by a more and more disliked physical dealer visit. For decades we accepted that:
• decisions needed to be made based on a short testdrive
• we need to haggle to get an ‘acceptable’ price
• we always were confronted with the financial surprises
• the dealer often wasn’t transparent about the car and its history
• once bought the car was yours
• delivery takes multiple weeks
Bynco transformed that last 5% into a solid online experience. We offer 360° in- and outside views and show all ‘flaws’. All necessary information, including an inspection report, is shown. Everything you need on one page. When customers do have a questions our team of experts is available.
With Bynco you can buy your car from your couch. It will be delivered at your house when you want it. You have a 14 day test period to decide to keep the car or return it , no questions asked and with a full refund. We are on a journey of changing the way people buy their car.