GoFuture is an online gamified learning environment. It contains two canvasses filled with challenges that lead the students from their dream to an enterprise. Students are encouraged to discover their talents and develop an entrepreneurial attitude. They start a business, organise an event or invent their own project. Game-mechanics such as badges, leaderboards, kudos and skill points are embedded in the environment for extra motivation.

We use Strategyzer’s Business Model You and Business Model Canvas. Before making a business plan with the BMC, students first set their own goals and discover their strengths with the BMY. They decide themselves how this project really means something for their future. Instead of just starting an enterprise, they make a dream come true.
The digital and real world are complementary in GoFuture. Students start a business or project in the real world. By doing, they experience what is possible and achieve more than they realized they could. Real-life entrepreneurs support the students as business coaches, rolemodels or panel members when students pitch their ideas.

The teacher is transformed to a coach. As the theoretics are all provided by the online environment, the role of the coach is to display his or her own experience, spread enthusiasm and escort students throughout the whole process.