We are a crowd-sourced delivery service who wants to change the incredibly inefficient way we ship bulky goods today. When you buy a sofa, fridge, bike etc. on Marktplaats (Dutch eBay), on an auction or if you want the ship a large good to a friends place, people used to rent a van or hire an expensive courier to drive back and forth. These options are expensive, time-consuming and pollute the environment.

Our platform connects people in need of a transport for their bulky items to couriers which are driving that way, anyway. By connecting these two sides, we create an easier, cheaper and sustainable shipping solution for the customer. At the same time we create the opportunity for couriers to make their rides more efficient and earn extra money on their route.
Our solution eventually results in less vans on the road, which has an enormous impact on lowering CO2-emissions. If every Dutch national between 20 and 65 years old would use Brenger once every two years, we can lower the total CO2-emissions of The Netherlands with 0,5%. That’s pretty cool!

Brenger has been live since October 2016 and has been founded by Wisse Koedam and Derk van der Have. Since the summer of 2017, we have expanded our team from two to twelve and we’ve recently raised a new round of investments taking our seed capital to over a €1 million. Currently we facilitate 60 transports a day via our platform.