BooQy: “Financial Services Reinvented” Booqy: “Where Finance Touches You”
Booqy is NO Accounting Software Application; Booqy is invented to enable flexworkers to work together with their End-clients and their Peers without any “outside agency”, with our system the hiring chain is deflated and useless money consuming layers have become unnecessary.
Booqy will take care of Matching Supply and Demand, helps companies with keeping history of “who did what” keeping thrack of their corporate memory.
Booqy takes care of all work and payment related actions like sending, timesheets (if needed) with a fully automatic approval system, invoices, tracking costs, taxes, etc, and enables fully automatic booking (UBL).
Booqy has an API and connects to any bank or accounting system.
Booqy is often mentioned as the most user friendly system of its kind.
Last but not least we are about to offer a factoring system to facilitate invoices to be payed within weeks instead of months helping freelancers to enjoy a smooth cashflow.