Featured by the @BBCMoneyBox, Daily Mail, Sunday Times, bMoneyWize is an innovative educational board game that teaches young people finance and maths skills in a fun way. ITV News credits it as a solution to teaching kids the value of money in a cashless society:

bMoneywize is the result of one mum’s quest to teach her generous teenage daughter the impact and cost of cooking fried rice, for about 10 friends, after school, at a time when money was ‘tight’. “Child-friendly, youth-inspired, the game is adept at juggling tricky concepts and introducing them in an interesting and accessible way by adapting financial situations for kids. By presenting scenarios the kids can relate to, you allow them to put themselves in teachable moments. These moments then serve as opportunities to explain concepts like passive income, budgeting and saving!” One mum says, “It also helps children get the point of maths” with goal setting, earning, saving money and progress tracking as suggested by Money Advice Service.
Moneywise tells the story:

One child says:
“I like the game because it’s involving money in it – then you, because like it shows you and then your parents that they pay for stuff, and how they take the money away and how you learn to use it properly so you make responsible decisions” – Age 9