Biowatch intends to disrupt the authentication market by introducing a wearable solution ready for payments, ticketing, access control and ID management. By looking at the user’s unique wrist vein pattern Biowatch leverages non-stop authentication to the wearable and thus suppresses the need for any further authentication steps when accessing devices, premises and services. Your watch becomes your ID and your wrist is the switch.

Vision: best authentication is no authentication.

Mission: exploit the paradigm shift for authentication that biometrics coupled with wearables enable, especially by delivering a wearable wrist vein pattern recognition solution.

Market: an estimated 160 millions wearable devices featuring seamless biometric authentication solution are forecasted by 2020.

Solution: a watch clasp ready for payment, ticketing, access control and ID management secured by wrist vein pattern biometric recognition to guarantee non-transferability and permanent authentication of user.

Go to market: corporate access control has been identified as the first market for biowatch’s solution for 3 main reasons: limited number of use-cases required to bring value, hassle free and scalable deployment, B2B2C upside.

Biowatch won more than 35 prizes & distinctions, and would be honoured to run for AIA!