Biocryptology app

Millions of people get victimized by cybercrime and identity fraud. Websites and apps urge you to use different passwords and change them regularly, resulting in a lot of confusion and forgotten phrases. Furthermore, third parties continually ask for your information, storing it indefinitely. That is why we, along with 93% of consumers, believe it is time for a different kind of authentication. Your personal information should be easily accessible to yourself, but unavailable to others.

The new Biocryptology app provides a safe, discrete and easy-to-use alternative to traditional online access, using one of the most personal and tightly secured constructs out there – your fingerprint. The app not only provides easy access to digital environments such as online banking, shopping and cloud services but also to physical locations such as member clubs, offices and even your home or car. All you need is a smartphone with fingerprint recognition and the free app.