The smart and space-saving parking system keeps bicycles out of sight and makes safe bike storage easy.

 The diameter of is only 5 meters and that makes unique in its kind. The system can be modularly built and placed both above and below the ground. Due to the smart design of the box has its compact dimensions. The user places the bicycle rearwards and turns the steering wheel. This will save 15 percent of space. The guide rods make the rear parking of the bicycle easy. For cyclists is fast and easy to rent by using the app, public transport or bank card. Due to this renting a box is personal and only accessible to the owner of the bike. is suitable for different types of bicycles, also with a child seat, rack, crate or bicycle bags. Users can also store items like rainwear and bicycle helmets in the box. A floor consists of 18 boxes. The capacity and appearance of can be performed as desired. For example, in the above ground embodiment it is possible to provide the exterior with glass or mirrors. Branding is also possible, which makes bike box a striking eye-catcher, while accelerating the return on investment. By using solar panels or a wind turbine, is largely green and self-sufficient.