BeSense- Sensor Based Cleaning

BeSense is a revolutionary solution equipping buildings with sensors that collect real-time information about the occupancy, indicating the degree of pollution in the building.

For cleaners:
• Data Driven Cleaning: Cleaner receives an update via mobile devices when it’s time to do rounds
• Cleaner sees more effectiveness of his work and is, therefore, more satisfied with his job
• Cleaner gets the scope to do more hospitality-related tasks
• Upgrades the image of the profession, which attracts more employees
• Cleaning staff can communicate through BeSense with other facility service providers in buildings

For facility managers:
• Facility managers receive actual information through online dashboards
• Sensors also measure temperature, amount of light, humidity, noise level and CO2; all of which can be of influence on labor productivity
• Always a clean building, because cleaning is carried out in time continuously. Therefore higher employee satisfaction and better experience
• Cleaning only where it is needed, therefore more efficient
• Departments can be temporarily closed on days with less occupancy. Saving cleaning and energy costs

For building users
• Building users can easily find a free workplace in the building
• The system is plug and play, applicable in existing and new buildings
• Doesn’t register privacy sensitive information