BE O Bottle

Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal:
BE O radically changes the plastic industry until no fossil plastic is produced anywhere anymore.
We develop reusable plastic products made from renewable materials called bioplastics. Our first product is a reusable water bottle made from the residual waste from sugarcane which is coloured with natural pigments, the black bottle is coloured with soot pigment and the white bottle is coloured with the pigment of white shells.
The product is 100% recyclable in the current waste stream and can also be recycled with current PolyEthylene made from fossil oil. Next to that the bottle is dishwasher safe, it has no toxins like BPA, it has a sleek design with great functionalities.
Our material takes CO2 from the air while it grows and it can be grown 2 times a year and the plant survives for 5 years. To be exact our impact on global warming is as follows: BIO-PE (our material) extracts 3,79 kg of CO2 out of the air for every 1 kg CO2 it expels in the air, this is a positive impact on global warming scale. Relative to PE made from fossil oil which doesn’t extract any CO2 from the air and only expels CO2 in the air during the production of oil into this material and also when burned.
We want to show the world that it is possible to make a new standard for plastics. Plastics made from renewables.