AV1 is the world’s first telepresence robot specifically developed for children and young adults with a long-term illness. With AV1, children can participate in class from a hospital or from home, giving them the opportunity to receive education and maintain contact with friends.

We’ve chosen an impersonal name in order for the child to create their own name for their AV1. Furthermore, the design is appealing but simple at the same time, so that the child feels like customising it.
The visible features of AV1 such as the camera, the speaker, the microphone and the changing lights in the bottom and on top of the head enable the student to participate in class and to keep in touch with friends without being physically present. Aside from the visible features on AV1 there are some invisible elements as well. For instance, the two motors that make a 360 degrees view possible, the battery, the WiFi and the 4G connection. All features are controllable through the AV1 app on one’s smartphone or tablet.