Appli, the internship app

Appli is a mobile first marketplace for internships making it easy for corporates to present job offers via mobile and for students to directly apply.
Appli is the only app first on the market that works along the tinder way of working incl photo, videopitch, chat and was designed as an app.
300 companies and 1.650 students are working with Appli, 11.342 digital matches have been made
Total available market: 500.000 students/companies have an internship or intern every year.
Serviceable available market: 200.000 students/companies, mainly HBO focus until now.
Serviceable optainable market: 50.000 students/companies 25% with current network & organisation.
Appli is the only app that focus on interns and internships. Other apps are focussing on jobs, and taking internships as an extra value.
Business model:
Appli app can be downloaded free of charge by students and companies.
Companies pay € 50,00 ex VAT per intern. Subscription model for more interns. Recurring business