AmberScript automated speech to text

We are AmberScript, a young startup based in Amsterdam. We are building SaaS software that enables users to automatically transcribe audio into text using our own speech recognition engines and AI algorithms. Our own web text editor let you bring it to 100% accuracy. We help users to avoid the costs and pain of manually transcribing their interviews, meetings, or other audio.

Our self-developed AI speech to text engine obtains the best results in the market in Dutch, as proven by independent tests in the media. The big speech to text players are not further developing languages other than English, Spanish or Chinese. Our product is being used by 3.000 journalists, scientists, students, doctors and lawyers.

Now that we have achieved product-market fit, we are scaling rapidly. At AmberScript, we are proud to always be thinking ‘better and bigger’. Our goal is to make writing and typing redundant: pens are for drawing! Transcribing interviews and audio files is a first stronghold in the speech-to-text market, after which we aim to bridge the gap that the Netherlands and Europe has in AI and especially in speech recognition.