Advanced Data Protection

Baffle’s Advanced Data Protection solution is designed to protect distributed data and hybrid cloud environments where outdated solutions continually fail to stop breaches. Only Baffle enables secure computation which allows for mathematical computation and analysis on encrypted data without ever decrypting the data values in memory, in use, in search indexes or at-rest.

Using industry standard AES encryption and customer-owned keys, Baffle’s frictionless, data-centric encryption never exposes sensitive information in the run-time, in memory, in search indices or at-rest. The data protection capabilities help companies secure “lift and shift” cloud migrations and mitigate the risk of insider threat by minimizing exposure to sensitive data. The solution helps ensure compliance with GDPR (Article 25) by providing strong technical controls to ensure data privacy for in use and in memory data as well.

Baffle is also the only provider who can enable secure data processing for 3rd party commercial applications and databases without modifying the application. The solution supports on-premise, hybrid, and cloud deployments and is available in AWS and Azure.