The WasteShark was developed to tackle the immense and growing problem of plastic pollution in our Oceans; RanMarine specifically looked at an innovation that could handle this problem in waterways inside coastal areas, BEFORE the plastic could reach the ocean.

By concentrating on inland waterways such as canals, rivers, harbors and ports we wanted a system that not only stopped the plastic at source but at the same time drew attention to the public on the deadly consequences of plastic in water; all of this using very cool technology to do so.

By using an AquaDrone to harvest the waste, we are able to provide a more efficient solution to current practices of using boats and nets, or worse doing nothing at all. The drone is able to operate for 8 hours at a time, sucking up the plastic and then returning to the operator to back onto land depending on the use case.

We are now looking to extend the platform into harvesting harmful chemical pollutants on water as well as harvesting water quality data for accuarte reporting on the waters envirinmnet above and below the surface.