Qlipr is a sustainable and well thought-out crop clamping system for cucumber and tomato cultivation, which can compete effortlessly with other growing systems. More than 17 million units have already been sold worldwide. It is easy to use, saves time and costs and improves working conditions.

The Qlipr crop clamping system is the most famous innovation from entrepreneur Cor Pellikaan. It consists of a crop hook with two stainless steel clamps, which are provided with a foam rubber insert. This simple but smart system is applicable to all tomato and cucumber companies, regardless of their size, greenhouse height or wire system. Even with movable wires the Qlipr system works flawlessly, but also in traditional cucumber cultivation with jute rope.

Improved work performance
The Qlipr clamps replace the traditional ‘grooming’, which means that cups break less quickly or that crooked fruits occur. Also, thanks to the Qlipr system, several operations can be combined, such as lowering the crop, thieves and shifting or shifting the clamps. This improves work performance. The Qlips last longer than any other system, on average ten years. This saves growers the environment, which also leads to lower disposal costs.