Qompium is a fast-growing Belgian mHealth company. Qompium is implementing an out-of-the-box customizable network of medical certified building blocks that enables outsource development of medical grade applications to speed up time to medical market by tackling the daunting regulatory requirements for software development. Qompium’s first product, FibriCheck, is making use of this infrastructure. FibriCheck combines the building block infrastructure with a smartphone-based optical sensing technique to measure heart rhythm disorders (PPG). FibriCheck is the world’s only approved medical device (CE approved (class IIa) / FDA pending) using PPG for detection and classification of atrial fibrillation. For this, FibriCheck employs patented algorithms together with an AI deep neural network to create the ability for medical diagnostics to be derived from consumer devices. FibriCheck is not limited to spot checks, but can also process and diagnose arrhythmias on optical signals derived from smartwatches and wearables. All this data contributes to longitudinal information that provides valuable insights to users, doctors, insurers and companies. FibriCheck is commercially available in Europe since 2017, supported by the medical community, used by over 30,000 people and reimbursed by selected health care funds.