Coffee as a Service

Coffee is now a product. You buy the beans, make coffee and you as the customer, have to get rid of the waste: the coffee grounds. And there is a lot of waste in this process. Almost 100% of the original material [the beans] gets thrown away after use.

rotterzwam introduces Coffee as a Service. We deliver the coffee beans to your office, but rotterzwam keeps ownership of the beans. The customer uses the beans to make coffee, we collect the coffee grounds afterwards. Next to that, we eliminate the waste of packaging. We use reusable containers to deliver the beans. The empty ones, we collect with the coffee grounds. Some of the extra value we create in this process flows back to the coffee farmer.

The coffee grounds we collect are used to: create bioplastics, extract medicine, grow mushrooms, bio-digested etc. We will never burn them in the incinerator and make sure the organic material finds its way back to the soil. For every kilo of coffee we collect, you get a point. Those points you can then spend on sustainable products in a special webshop.