We believe in a world where technology plays a major role in the guest experience of hospitality & real estate. A world where hospitality & real estate continuously benefit from innovative technology tailored to their specific needs, and where the standard of digitization is redefined. At 4Suites, we are creating this world.

We bring our vision to life by:
– Offering our mobile apps, web based software and supporting hardware devices.
– Providing guests, hotels and real estate with the latest (mobile) solutions.
– Making sure that 4Suites helps to reduce costs, to increase the revenue and optimize the guest experience to be able to offer users the best service possible.
– Making properties smart in 1 day

Our hardware is plug&play and wired as well as wireless. We currently have the only known keyless solution which makes it possible to use keyless mobile technology without replacing the current locks and without the need of smart locks. This greatly reduces investment costs. But it’s not just our keyless component; it’s the combined power of hardware and software that makes us unique.