A lot of schools in The Netherlands are struggling with implementing new technology, the 21st century skills, programming and/or STEM education in there daily routines. With the 21TechStudio we are offering the solution for those problems. In the 21TechStudio we combine new technology, the 21st century skills and STEM education with the current curriculum standards in The Netherlands. Our unique solution is custom fit for every school and budget. It is a combination of the right materials, training, coaching on the job and an innovative mindset. Together with our own designed Internal Innovation Coordinator training every school and teacher will be future proof with the 21TechStudio.

The first two 21TechStudio’s are already implemented succesfull at two different schools in The Netherlands. The concept includes sourcing for funding, materials, curriculum connected learning programs and lesson plans, intensive training for teachers, coaching on the job (optional), the Internal Innovation Coordinator training and an after school program the 21TechClub. Our mission is to make every child, teacher and school future proof. That we make learning a lot of fun is also great offcourse ;-).