Prepare for the Future of Work Today

The nature and structure of work is changing. Emerging technologies necessitate changes in both workforce and education to prepare for a radically different future. 65 percent of children starting school today will have jobs that don’t exist yet.

Leading businesses need to reshape the nature of work to create new forms of value and scale up ‘new skilling’. New education system is needed to help gain versatile skills that can’t be automated – creativity, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, ethics, and lifelong learning.

New Skills Wanted

By 2020, more than one-third of the desired skillsets of most jobs will be comprised of skills not yet considered crucial today.

Job Market Redefined

65% of children starting school today will hold jobs that don’t exist yet.

Projects Over Roles

79% of business leaders across industries believe that the future workforce will be structured more by projects than job function.

VR Education

60% of universities will use VR to create an enhanced simulation and learning environment by 2021.

Sales cycles in health care are quite long. The award helps Incision speed up its introduction to the market. We’ve become better known, there is recognition and, therefore, more trust.

—Ritsaart van Montfrans - Incision. Education AIA18 Winner