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Today’s challenges and uncertainty impact us all, both personally and professionally. With the given circumstances and to ensure everyone’s well-being, we have decided that the Blue Tulip Awards 2020 Finals will take place on June 11 in a fully digital setup. More information will follow shortly. Stay tuned!

These are the winners of the Accenture Innovation Awards 2018

We are extremely proud to announce our Accenture Innovation Awards 2018 (#AIA18) winners!

From the Summer Nights, through the Semi-Finals, and all the way up to the Finals last Friday, the concepts showed dedication and drive in their pursuit to re-shape the future. The #AIA18 Innovation Journey has focused on 8 global themes tackling both local and global issues. DeFabrique, the Innovation Summit’s scenery, was packed with more than 2,500 visitors from various industries and backgrounds with one thing in common: the desire to disrupt the current status quo. The jury spent hours deliberating who should be the next leading innovator of their theme, culminating in the announcement of the eight #AIA18 winners.

So, here they are: we present you the revolutionary winners of the #AIA18 Innovation Journey and the gamechangers of tomorrow.



" This innovation has the opportunity to make a big impact, because it has: 1) a differentiated product proposition, 2) a passionate leader, and 3) an out-of-the-box concept. Therefore, this winner has the responsibility to make it big, fast for the benefit of our planet and climate. "

 - Jury chairman: Dimitri de Vreeze, Member of the Board at DSM

RAW paints | A powder formula which, with the addition of water, becomes a quality paint for walls.



"A viable Education breakthrough that meets all four innovation criteria: 1) creates a future workforce; 2) digitizes education; 3) closes the skill gap; and 4) encourages life-long learning. A true way of making exclusive knowledge accessible for a better world."

 - Jury chairman: Diederik Karsten, EVP & CCO at Liberty Global

Incision Academy | A surgical platform where surgical professionals can share knowledge and skills to improve quality of care worldwide.



"The winner has impressed us with their development and growth since the summer, their professionalism and their clear answers to our questions. We believe that the company can solve a real and difficult problem in the financial industry and see a bright future ahead." 

- Jury chairman: Ivar Wiersma, Head of Innovation Wholesale Banking at ING

Safened | Turning financial risk and regulatory challenges into simple and secure solutions.



"This year’s winner has proven that science can indeed make a difference. They are truly a learning organization. Yet as scientists, they risk staying unsung heroes. Winning today provides them the opportunity to realize their full potential and develop into a business, making their dreams come true."

- Jury chairman: Fenna Heyning, Director at STZ

BIOND | Provides biologists with dynamic microfluidic chips that in combination with human cell cultures mimic the minimal functionalities of human organs.


"With a technologically advanced solution that is user-friendly and efficient. Our winner is on trend in the world of e-commerce, their scalability leads us to believe that they will be able to not just ride the wave but create it."

- Jury chairman: Deborah Nas, Professor Strategic Design for Technology-based Innovation at TU Delft

Expivi | Providing a new shopping experience. A simple to use platform that has standardized product configuration.



"This year’s winner had the most inspiring pitch, and a massive impact on the lives of millions of travelers every day. Integrating state-of-the-art technology with an old-fashioned market leads to societal impact on a global scale."

- Jury chairman: Debby Woesthuis, Division Director Bus at GVB Amsterdam

D-RAIL | D-RAIL’s sensor system can detect railway conditions and is able to analyze that data to make it possible to avoid stops in traffic and in the worst case scenario, accidents.


"What’s essential to both human nutrition as well as the value chain it supports? Our winner has a truly innovative product that replicates a natural process to support nature itself.  They have gold in their hands – as either a product or producer of the source of life."

Jury chairman: Carl Nagle, Global Marketing Innovation Director at JDE

Sponsh | Producing water from air for irrigation and drinking water; fully off-grid, without adding energy and affordable.


"Our security innovation is a true gamechanger. Backed by scientific research, we believe that, with the right guidance, it can truly be successful. If they pull it off, security will be ready for the future."

Jury chairman: Tonne Mulder, GISO at Vopak

QuantiCor | Security solutions that are resistant even against powerful quantum computer attacks.

Congratulations to all the winners and the breakthrough innovations that made it to the final round of #AIA18! Remember that the Accenture Innovation Awards are not about the win, but about the Journey. We are eager to continue illustrating and overcoming the challenges we face on a global scale. Stay up to date with the next Innovation Journey by following us on LinkedInFacebookTwitter and Instagram.  

See you soon!


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