The first Blue Tulip Awards year has been quite the ride. Growing and developing your company as a start-up is a massive challenge, even without a global pandemic dramatically changing basically everything we do. We now see companies, small and large, rapidly adjusting to the changing needs of their people, their customers and their suppliers.

We firmly believe that accelerating innovation is essential and needed. Now more than ever. Therefore we are thrilled to announce the eight innovations that – despite all challenges and uncertainties of today – put their time, love and energy into the Blue Tulip Awards program to convince the jury to be crowned winner in their category.

We are beyond proud and honored to give you the eight Blue Tulip Awards 2020 winners:

Are you ready to meet the disruptors? 

Climate | PolyStyreneLoop by PolyStyreneLoop

PolyStyreneLoop offers a sustainable solution for the treatment of PS-foam demolition waste containing the legislated flame-retardant HBCD. They transform the status quo through an innovative technology and through powerful collaborations. The first demonstration to be built worldwide is based on a technology that closes the polystyrene and bromine loop. They do this with representatives of the entire polystyrene-foam value chain via their cooperative. PolyStyreneLoop puts the circular economy into action!

Education | Faqta Wereld & Talent by Faqta

Faqta is the most challenging online video-based learning platform for children in primary schools, with teachers used as coaches and activators for learning. Faqta enables children to work together in a buddy system and provides an environment for them to develop all their necessary skills so they can learn everything about programming, becoming a DJ, virtual reality, the Roman Empire till solving problems for climate change. They aim to prepare children for future jobs and a sustainable society.

Finance | Evergreen Hash (EgHash™) by Trust Stamp

Trust Stamp address the need to create an identity for every human being in order to achieve universal, financial, and societal inclusion. They do so by utilizing one or multiple (fused) biometric modalities and generate a unique hashed-tokenized identity that can only identify the subject using their probabilistic AI. Their technology works on and offline and can be overlaid on any existing identity authentication methodology.

Health | D60 by UV Smart B.V.

UV Smart’s latest product – the D60 – can disinfect endoscopes within 1 minute to a log-6 reduction, without using chemicals or liquids. When the D60 is implemented in healthcare facilities the turnaround time is reduced from 4 hours to just 15 minutes. This has multiple advantages: 50% less inventory necessary on a department, 50% less damages due to transport and handling, increased patient turnover, no more waste of water, process without harmful chemicals.

Living & Working | DeNoize by DeNoize

WHO regards noise pollution as one of the biggest problems in city life, with 32 million people suffering constant annoyance in Europe last year. Most airports are limited to operate at their full capacities due to noise regulations and with increasing air traffic, this problem is getting worse. DeNoize is an active noise cancellation technology integrable inside the window frames and offering 90% additional noise reduction, leading to higher comfort and peace inside homes and offices.

Mobility | Wing drones for good by Avy

Avy produces wing drones used solely for good causes - the Avy can be employed for medical deliveries and first response operations. Avy is autonomous and was designed for long-range, beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) missions, while maintaining safety and compliance regarding the latest EU regulations. It is a VTOL (vertical takeoff & landing) wing drone, made to access hard-to-reach places without the need of infrastructure, and making urgent healthcare accessible to anyone in need.

Nutrition | PATS Drones by PATS Indoor drone solutions

PATS automates insect control for horticulture. Their solution not only monitors, but also proactively eliminates flying pest insects in air, with bat-like drones. This prevents the spreading of pests throughout the greenhouse and reduces crop damages and losses in a sustainable way, without the use of insecticides. The service offered by PATS is focused on relieving the grower from time consuming and repetitive tasks involved with crop protection.

Security | Anticipating criminal behaviour by discovering the narrative in data by Pandora Intelligence

Human history is based on narratives. Pandora Intelligence has invented a way to translate disparate data into narrative scenarios. Moreover, the company applies the latest data science techniques to combine historic datasets, with real-time information, into operational future scenarios. These future scenarios help (non)governmental organizations and commercial companies mitigating threats and enhance opportunities.


Congratulations once more to the 2020 Blue Tulip Awards winners! But not only should the eight winners be celebrated. We started the year with close to 700 innovations entering the Blue Tulip Awards program. We enjoyed meeting you all, and we are inspired by your ideas, your strength and your resilience in these unprecedented times. To all of you we say thank you, and we hope you took full advantage of the program by connecting with fellow innovators, perfecting your pitch, gaining valuable insights from our partner network, and tapping into the expertise of our jury to help you take your innovations to the next level.

We also thank our jury members for their valued expertise, time and involvement. And we thank our partners for their trust and dedication to make our continued collaboration stronger and better as we go along. It’s because of you all that we can make the Blue Tulip Awards possible.

This is not goodbye. We look forward to continuing driving innovation together with you. We will be in touch soon. For now, take care, stay safe and keep innovating!

In the meantime, stay tuned and connected through our LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channels.


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