Seever: all your social media profiles in one overview

Seever—say ‘siever’, like ‘see everything’—links social media profiles from the largest platforms to each other.

“We connect them in one app that pushes notifications of your favorite social media influencers, DJs or idols on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. We connect the profiles in a single overview.”

Seever is the outcome of an academic project by Jeroen van der Elst and Menno Stuyts, two 22-year-old Business Innovation students from the Avans Hogeschool in Den Bosch. The investment in Seever has been made and the app; that will be launched in October, is currently being developed. During the coming academic year, the founders are going to do an internship in their own company.

The Beginning

What is Seever?
“The social media app where you can see the most popular channels from your ‘Greatest’ in one overview. The ‘Greatest’ are your favorite YouTubers, pages or people that use various social media platforms.”

Why did you start? And how did the idea arise?
“During the end of our first academic year, we got the opportunity to think of an innovative idea and we used our second academic year to do research and create the concept. We wanted to do something with our own experience; that social media has become more messy and impersonal. It is a large jumble – and we wanted to develop something new that would provide an overview.”

What insights did your research provide?
“That people do not want to lose the information that social media offers, but people do want to get rid of the intermingling channels. They want an overview. That is why we have chosen to connect everything within one app. In fact, with this you beat the fluctuations in popularity of social media. Facebook is a large platform now, but in five years that could be Instagram or another platform. By adding a platform’s profile, users are not anchored to just one platform to follow their favorites.”

The Now

What are your expectations before Seever goes live?
Seever is still ‘coming soon’, we eventually hope that it becomes enormous, and that vloggers, idols, DJs and other social media icons add themselves to Seever. Now, we are still doing that manually. The enthusiasm from investors gives us a lot of confidence. They believed in it immediately. Especially since ‘Follow us on Seever’ is an interesting alternative for the whole range of references to social media.”

What do you expect from your participation in the AIA18? Why did you decide to register?
“Accenture approached us and since we are eager to learn, we decided to participate. Taking part in such a large-scale event is already super cool. We expect that the AIA18 event will challenge us and that we’ll meet other startups. Who knows what can happen from there.”

What challenges do you face nowadays?
“In September our third academic year will start, then we are going to do an internship in our own company. We are learning so much outside the classroom. We face challenges that we have never seen before, such as establishing a private limited company and debating with investors. Everything in the adventure called Seever is a challenge. We embrace it and keep moving forward!”

The Future

Do you know how you are going to position Seever within the market?
“We have a lot of ideas about our marketing campaign. We are going to develop those in the coming period. The basis of this is that our target group is young and that enthusiast users promote us through word of mouth.”

What trends do you see in Seever’s market during the coming years?
“The transition from offline to online. Old media is often left behind. Social media, regardless of the platform, will keep on winning popularity in the future.”

What are your golden tips for entrepreneurs?
“Start with testing prototypes at an early stage, do not wait too long. With a prototype made of carton, you can already test and persuade. And: never give up when facing difficulties.”

*) Seever is participating in The Accenture Innovation Awards 2018 in the theme Living & Working


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