To prepare for the world of tomorrow, we need to rethink the way we travel and transport goods. The global shift towards the sharing economy, urbanization, smart cities and clean energy presents new challenges, but also offers opportunities for innovation and new technologies. Autonomous and connected vehicles, truck platooning and smart roads seemed futuristic just a few years ago, but now they are becoming the new norm. Technology will not only optimize our travel experience, make roads safer and shorten delivery times, but it will also challenge our perception of mobility. Are you ready?

On June 11, the ten Mobility Finalist Innovations of the Blue Tulip Awards 2020 will give their final pitch to convince the jury why they should be crowned winner. From charging tiles for electric vehicles to a multisensory learning platform to a drone used on life-saving missions, these Mobility Finalists will shape our futures.


It is increasingly common that people are no longer mobile enough to move independently in their neighborhood. They are then dependent on transport by third parties. For short journeys, professional transport is very expensive for both users and the municipality and diesel vans are often used. Buurtvervoer opts for electric driving, takes the time for social contact and ensures lower costs for users and government.

Chargetrip - Smart navigation for EVs

Chargetrip’s intelligent EV routing accelerates the global mass adoption of electric mobility. Their routing algorithms and intuitive trip planner make it easy for anyone, to take an electric car beyond the range of the battery or use EV's commercially with high intensity. Their predictive models alleviate charge congestion and optimize for total travel-time and travel-costs. The Chargetrip API is easy to integrate into existing navigation- and telemetric fleet applications.


Ducktrain elevates short haul logistics on a new level of efficiency eliminating the need for conventional transporters in cities and industry parks. A Ducktrain consists of automated electric vehicles that are digitally coupled to each other and to a leading object (e.g. person, cargo bike). The Ducktrain technology combines automation, electric drive and human-machine collaboration to an ideal tool for logistics operations.

Guaranteed Mobility by Amber Nederland B.V.

Amber is an Eindhoven based B2B mobility provider, specialized in shared, electric vehicles. Through an AI based software platform and a growing network of Amber hubs, Amber can guarantee the availability of electric vehicles. The biggest employers in the Netherlands are using Amber, increasing sustainability and flexibility while lowering traffic and parking pressure. Amber is moving to becoming a MaaS provider and has won the biggest tender in Dutch new mobility history, MaaS Zuidas.

Hydra Storage Solutions

Marine pollution by vessels in harbors is a major climate and public health issue. Hydra offers a flexible solution by providing clean energy to ships from a movable hydrogen source, moreover, the system can be applied to other areas as well.

Maxem Direct Payment

When you buy an electric car today, you must get yourself a charging pass in order to charge publicly. But, you do not know how much you are paying in advance and worse: they don’t work well outside of your country! The solution is simple: Build a charging solution that accepts your normal debit/credit card. And that is what Maxem is doing. Maxem’s mission is making e-mobility much more simple, accessible and scalable- for all the EU., your second front door

Today, you have two options in the checkout of webshops: home delivery or pick up. Each web shop offers a different carrier, having their own pick up points. This can be frustrating, translating into poor ratings and user reviews. With Parcls, you have one local shop for ALL your packages: 7 days-a-week offering a premium service. You can pick up all your parcels for free from their hubs or pay for a prompt – and sustainable - delivery service. To make use of Parcls, just subscribe.

Rail Connected

Due to climate change and urbanization, passenger and freight transport by rail will grow by 40% in the coming 10 years. An expansion of the physical rail capacity is only possible to a limited extent. The capacity on the existing tracks will have to be increased. That is why Rail Connected has developed a unique wireless sensor with which rail network operators (like ProRail) can substantially increase its capacity on the track at a fraction of the costs.

The Charge Tile (HUBi) by Tiler  (formerly known as Fesla Charge)

A charging tile that charges an eBike via the kickstand with magnetic coupling. Making it a no wire, universal, flexible charging solution. A sustainable growth of light electric vehicles is paired with an impeccable infrastructure, so everybody can have a seamless travel experience without impacting the environment.

Wing drones for good by Avy

Avy produces wing drones used solely for good causes - the Avy Aera can be employed for medical deliveries and first response operations. Avy Aera is autonomous and was designed for long-range, beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) missions, while maintaining safety and compliance regarding the latest EU regulations. It is a VTOL (vertical takeoff & landing) wing drone, made to access hard-to-reach places without the need of infrastructure, and making urgent healthcare accessible to anyone in need.



Each of these Mobility Finalist innovations are undeniably shaping new boundaries, but only one can be crowned winner. Join us, digitally, on June 11 to find out which to find out who will become the Blue Tulip Awards 2020 winner.

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