The new generation works to live - and not only for a living. They expect employers and workspaces to support productivity, creativity and community. In fact, digital technologies have become an integral part of lives where hyper connectivity even limits people in their physical communication. To reap the rewards and improve everyday life, innovative minds are required. Creating smart homes and offices will not be enough – we need to make entire cities smart and sustainable, and finally take our digital well-being seriously.

On June 11, the ten Living & Working Finalist Innovations of the Blue Tulip Awards 2020 will give their final pitch to convince the jury why they should be crowned winner. From a noise cancellation kit that can be integrated in window frames, to an app that enables machines to automatically schedule and manage their own repair and maintenance, these Living & Working Finalists will shape our futures.


WHO regards noise pollution as one of the biggest problems in city life, with 32 million people suffering constant annoyance in Europe last year. Most airports are limited to operate at their full capacities due to noise regulations and with increasing air traffic, this problem is getting worse. DeNoize is an active noise cancellation technology integrable inside the window frames and offering 90% additional noise reduction, leading to higher comfort and peace inside homes and offices.

Ekkono Edge by Ekkono

Ekkono is a software company that does machine learning for IoT. Our product, which is the result of 7 years of research at the University of Borås, empowers programmers in all industries to make their products smart. IoT without automation equals 50 bn dumb devices. With intelligence, machines, vehicles and other things become intuitive, predictable, run more optimally, reduce emission, get an extended life, and can avoid breakdowns. They provide the tool that makes connected things smart.


Their pre-selection technology helps recruiters predict a candidate's job fit and cultural fit to build top-performing teams and grow the company. While most companies perceive diversity as an act of corporate social responsibility, Equalture leverages neuroscience and AI to turn team diversity into a proven business strategy that allows companies to build the right team to scale.


Technological developments and advancements are imminent, where the human user remains in the center as the end consumer, where having a better understating of natural human reactions, cannot be avoided in order to better enhance such services. Hence, Letos suggests a complementary sensor solution (to vision and voice) that can evaluate true spontaneous physiological reactions as they occur in our utmost natural surroundings - at home, at the office, or when we commute on the road. - instant instructions by

At home, people are increasingly turning to YouTube to find out how to do something. At work, they’re turning to offers an easy and intuitive way of quickly creating, sharing and reading video + text instructions. By empowering employees to quickly share their how-to knowledge, with instant translation and automated design, enterprises continuously upskill their worldwide workers. What are the results? A proud and productive workforce. With, everybody knows how.


Niluk is a social network app that facilitates meaningful offline social contact among young adults (18-34y old) in small, personal & daily activities based on proximity and similar interests. Niluk combines social initiatives, project, businesses or individuals who share our mission: to reduce loneliness. Their aim is to measure individual social impact, and the social impact of other great initiatives, which boosts motivation of individual users and is priceless for government and researchers.

OTree Lilly by OTree

The negative effects of climate change contribute to the degrading health and wellbeing of everyone. Toxic gasses are floating through the indoor air and damaging our body and mind. OTree Lilly is not just a plant it is a product that combines technology and the air purifying power of plants to filter the air inside classrooms, offices and homes. This creates a better environment that increases your health, concentration and wellbeing in a green way!


Traditional recruitment of practical people is inefficient as companies are struggling to find them, they are typically not on LinkedIn, or there’s a mismatch on soft skills like personality and behavior. Young candidates grow up in a world of new technology hence the increasing gap between traditional cv and written application processes. PlaytoWork aims to close that gap with its platform. 

Sensfix by Sensfix B.V.

Sensfix is an IoT-enabled service management platform on blockchain for Operation & Maintenance managers to easily digitalize their workflows in order to enable devices to self-schedule, self-ticket and manage repair & maintenance needs by themselves. We are changing MRO (Maintenance, Repairs & Operations) industry by improving Machine Uptime (MU), reducing Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), increasing First visit success-rate (FVSR) leading to a decrease in equipment repair & maintenance costs by 30%.


Unibright Integration platform is a unified framework that offers many services as 1. Workflow design smart contracts. (No coding skills required) 2. Digital Connectors to integrate blockchains into legacy IT-systems, like SAP or Oracle. 3. Working with predefined templates for each use case. (Multi Party Approval) 4. Blockchain agnostic (ETH, Hyperledger, NEM, EOS, DAML, Libra etc) 5. Monitoring tools. (Unibright Explorer)



Each of these Living & Working Finalist innovations are undeniably shaping new boundaries, but only one can be crowned winner. Join us, digitally, on June 11 to find out which to find out who will become the Blue Tulip Awards 2020 winner.

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