A new era of finance has arrived in which blockchain and artificial intelligence offer radically new opportunities. At the same time, new FinTech, InsurTech and RegTech concepts challenge the current status quo and accelerate disruption. Innovations in finance, insurance, and regulations have, therefore, the power to transform the playing field entirely. To jump on the bandwagon, financial organizations need innovative concepts and technologies that improve services and user experiences to satisfy the needs of future consumers.

On June 11, the ten Finance Finalist Innovations of the Blue Tulip Awards 2020 will give their final pitch to convince the jury why they should be crowned winner. From an app that automates the full process of invoice to payment, to a service that allows clients to arrange loans without the intervention of a bank, these Finance Finalists will shape our futures.

Bizcuit ('biz kit')

The Bizcuit app is a complete business kit app that is linked to your bank accounts, accounting software, payroll software, erp software and various other relevant parties for SME’s. You can generate and process invoices, pay them with your fingerprint (no need to open your internet bank account). You can process bank statements with a single swipe, that pays your bills and processes them real-time in your administration.


Applying for a loan from the bank is very difficult for small business owners and often takes a long time. BridgeFund has developed a new way to help entrepreneurs quickly, easily and responsibly. Through their data-driven application process, they can analyze the bank transactions of a company and assess their creditworthiness in a fast and accurate manner. This way they can tell within a few hours how much the entrepreneur can borrow. After his approval, the money is on his bank account within one day.

Chiron by

Financial institutions use the Chiron platform to automate the model validation process from model inventory, to data management and generation of regulatory compliant documentation as well as industrializing the monitoring of all models including a change in data, performance or behavior. The platform works with all models that are used within the financial sector such as credit risk models, valuation algorithms, market risk, AML, AI and behavioral models.

Digital Insurance Group

The mission of DIG is to positively impact the lives of millions of people by giving them access to the right insurance and peace of mind in a truly digital way. They enable insurers to build new propositions from scratch or on top of their existing systems, with a unique short time-to-market. They help insurers increase their share of wallet as well as improve customer retention in a fully digital way.

Evergreen Hash (EgHash™) by Trust Stamp

They address the need to create an identity for every human being in order to achieve universal, financial, and societal inclusion. They do so by utilizing one or multiple (fused) biometric modalities and generate a unique hashed-tokenized identity that can only identify the subject using their probabilistic AI. Their technology works on and offline and can be overlaid on any existing identity authentication methodology.


Filerskeepers gives multinational companies insight into how long they should store their data based on legal requirements. They provide data retention schedules and the first ever data retention API to give insight into the legal maximum and minimum retention periods applicable in the countries relevant to them. 

Finos Integrity Check

Finos Integrity Check is a means for financial institutions to raise the alarm and warn each other of bad actors who are trying to enter the financial system. If a financial institution discovers integrity risk with one of their clients and kicks them out, the client will keep knocking on doors until someone lets them in. The blockchain-based Finos Integrity Check solution creates a digital ring-fence around the financial system, preventing bad actors from getting in.

Online Payment Platform

Their platform prevents sellers from committing fraud on online platforms and marketplaces by withholding the funds of the buyer until the goods or services are delivered. 

Secure digital escrow facility for consumers, businesses and professionals by Shieldplay Ltd

Shieldpay created a safe online regulated payments platform in which customers can experience a superior level of transparency and trust through a digital escrow facility. Through its unique regulatory design, Shieldpay verifies all parties digitally, including bank verification matching the ID thereby minimizing the risk of fraud. Available across different platforms, they assure that all customers can trade with the most secure financial tools, in total confidence, offering real peace of mind.


Twinco "cracked the supply chain finance code" - by finally providing a solution that includes Purchase Order financing. They combine technology and privileged access to data to assess performance risk, allowing them to fund both small and large suppliers across the world. It is a unique model that significantly reduces financing costs and improves supply reliability, with benefits for both suppliers and buyers.



Each of these Finance Finalist innovations are undeniably shaping new boundaries, but only one can be crowned winner. Join us, digitally, on June 11 to find out which to find out who will become the Blue Tulip Awards 2020 winner.

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