The nature and structure of work is changing rapidly. It is, therefore, essential that we embrace emerging technologies to enable the changes that are needed in both workforce and education to prepare for a radically different future. Leading businesses need to reshape the nature of work to create new forms of value and scale up ‘new skilling’. In addition, education systems need to evolve and embrace versatile skills that can’t be automated, such as creativity, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, ethics and lifelong learning.

On June 11, the ten Education Finalist Innovations of the Blue Tulip Awards 2020 will give their final pitch to convince the jury why they should be crowned winner. From a multisensory learning platform to an innovative gaming console that combines interactive and traditional play, these Education Finalists will shape our futures.

Conversational Academy by Robocopy

Robocopy recognizes, develops, and promotes the role of the conversation designer. It trains and certifies conversation designers around the world and works for brands such as Google, Walmart, Heineken, KLM and many more. With a proven human centric design process, it enables brands to create chatbots and voice assistants that are more helpful, natural, and persuasive, ultimately enabling companies to unlock the potential conversational AI.

CoVince Adventurous Learning platform by CoVince

Research shows that only 15% of the people who start e-learning modules complete them. CoVince make learning more fun, effective and accessible for the mass. CoVince’ solution adds 4 dimensions to basic e-learning to accelerate: simulated practice, advanced measurements, performance support and social. CoVince learning platform consists of a distribution and a content creation platform with configurable VR, AR, AI and mobile building blocks, which small and big organizations can use to accelerate human growth.

Diagnose by Grasple

Everyone learns at a different pace. Traditional education is struggling to keep up with this change of pace. How can traditional educations systems provide education to everyone, that is personal yet cost-effective and scalable? Diagnose as an educational innovation, is a novel and practical step towards more personal education. They have developed a working algorithm that, based on few questions, estimates what you already know and don't know, using their knowledge graph of the relationships between concepts.

Faqta Wereld & Talent by Faqta

Faqta is the most challenging online video-based learning platform for children in primary schools, with teachers used as coaches and activators for learning. Faqta enables children to work together in a buddy system and provides an environment for them to develop all their necessary skills so they can learn everything about programming, becoming a DJ, virtual reality, the Roman Empire till solving problems for climate change. They aim to prepare children for future jobs and a sustainable society.

Lifelong learning platform by MySkillCamp

Knowledge is everywhere. Companies struggle to provide an engaging, content full and centralized learning environment for their learners. Myskillcamp created a Lifelong learning environment that helps learners take control of their career by connecting their favorite sources of learning. MySkillCamp currently has 250.000 integrated courses available. 


The NOOMI app is a self-coaching tool that can learn and explain the many different and unique aspects of your behavior without assigning you into predefined categories or stereotypes. Its main purpose is to provide you with insights that directly relate to your personal real-life situations, making it easier for you to put those insights into practice.


Learning still happens seated in classrooms, while research has shown that it is much better for children to be physically active while learning. Picoo provides a mobile platform that enables playful and physically active learning for primary school children. Beyond physically activating children, Picoo also enables real-time feedback, automatically adapting difficulty levels on-the-fly, and helps children develop 21st century skills by enabling them to program their own games.


Sqriba is a robot that teaches people handwriting by repetitive movement of the perfect letters. The only thing the user has to do is grab the Sqriba pen and write; the Sqriba robot will guide the student through the program and support them to perfect their writing.

TheNewWayofWork by BLACKBEAR®

BLACKBEAR® closes the gap between the working field and young talents. For young talents, BLACKBEAR® is the place to develop and enrich themselves while making an income. Simultaneously, for companies, it is a way to receive valuable insights, get things done and to source new team members. It is the online platform to solve innovative business challenges, a place where only quality and skills matter. 

Disruptief Onderwijs Systeem (DOS) by WincAcademy

The Winc Academy has developed a scalable, accessible and innovative process to prepare as many people as possible for their first job as a software developer, without the need for specific knowledge or prior education. Their courses are completely remote and come with a daily challenge; every morning the students start with a live lecture together via video conferencing. Students only pay for the training when they are working. No cure no pay.



Each of these Education Finalist innovations are undeniably shaping new boundaries, but only one can be crowned winner. Join us, digitally, on June 11 to find out which to find out who will become the Blue Tulip Awards 2020 winner.

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