It’s no wonder that climate has increasingly been a ‘hot’ topic in our everyday conversations. For centuries, mankind has exhausted natural resources and taken the environment for granted. Yet, conclusive scientific evidence has shown that many of the extraordinary natural phenomena we experience are in fact caused by humans. We can no longer afford to sit idle while watching our Earth deteriorate: problems are getting harder to solve, and the consequences have become more damaging than ever before. Today’s innovations are seeking to determine root causes and foster change, while doing so in an economically-viable fashion – as business cases need to be positive. We aim to help battle the challenges that our climate faces, by, for example, supporting innovations that truly prevent improper waste disposal rather than just minimizing it, and those that lead to full decarbonization instead of just limited carbon emissions.

On June 11, the ten Climate Finalist Innovations of the Blue Tulip Awards 2020 will give their final pitch to convince the jury why they should be crowned winner. From a bio-based alternative of fossil fuels to robotic drones that clean wind turbines without the help of humans, these Climate Finalists will shape our futures.

BarshaPump by aQysta

The Barsha Pump, made by aQysta, is a hydro-powered water pump that can lift water from rivers or canals, using only the energy present in the water flow, and without requiring any fuel or electricity to operate. The absence of any operational costs results in a 70% reduction of irrigation costs, as compared to diesel and electric driven pumps, over its lifetime for farmers.


Solving the dilemma in buildings by maintaining a high thermal comfort with the lowest energy consumption possible. DeltaQ facilitates this by using predictive models that will anticipate user occupancy, the effect of the weather on the building, and the building's inertia, while continuously steering the building to optimize control.

Envi.Base by Envitron

Meet the Envi.Base: a revolutionary gateway that connects with large energy consumers like heat pumps, solar panels, batteries and EV charging stations and controls their energy flow based on external data sources. This technology helps real estate owners to automatically increase the energy efficiency of their buildings and lower their energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Their proven technology eliminates data barriers and provides a scalable, affordable solution for the energy system of the future.

Goldilocks by VERTORO

Lignin is abundant, cheap and sustainable, but its production process is time-consuming and costly. Vertoro aims to speed up the green revolution through its product called “Goldilocks”. This is a purified, liquid lignin made from non-edible biomass that can replace fossil crude oil as a platform product for materials, chemicals and fuels. This affordable solution will help the planet reach the set sustainability goal.

Greenrock by BlueSky Energy

GREENROCK Home is a ready to install, all-over integrated energy storage system, available with intelligent energy management system and housing. The saltwater-battery based technology is a modular building block for clean energy storage systems. Saltwater technology is the safest and most environmentally friendly way of storing electric power. It is particularly suitable for long-lasting stationary applications.

HeatCycle by DeWarmte

The HeatCycle recovers heat from all household wastewater. The recovered heat is the source for an internal heat pump which efficiently raises the temperature of incoming tap water. The result is clean, warm water that can be used directly in the household. This hot water (55-65 ° C) can be used for both tap water and for heating. Storage and a boiler ensure that hot water is always available.


PolyStyreneLoop offers a sustainable solution for the treatment of PS-foam demolition waste containing the legislated flame-retardant HBCD. They transform the status quo through an innovative technology and through powerful collaborations. The first demonstration to be built worldwide is based on a technology that closes the polystyrene and bromine loop. They do this with representatives of the entire polystyrene-foam value chain via their cooperative. PolyStyreneLoop puts the circular economy into action!

Robotic wind turbine maintenance by AERONES

Wind turbine blades require maintenance such as cleaning, inspection, lightning protection system checks, drainage hole cleaning, and leading-edge repair. Currently, this is done mostly by industrial climbers which is an expensive, slow and unsafe practice. AERONES have created a robotic system that is much faster, more cost-effective and much safer.


As a result of the energy transition to renewables there will be more need for energy storage. This is due to the inherent problem of intermittency of these renewables. Conventional battery systems are not environmentally friendly, they are short-lived, and they cannot be recycled. TerraBattery makes rechargeable battery systems that are environmentally friendly and fully recyclable, using sustainable and robust battery chemistry, while ensuring long lifetime, operational robustness and safety.

UpCycling Plastic by Upp!

The world produces a staggering 300 million tons of plastic waste annually. Less than 10% is reused or recycled, the rest is burned, dumped or ends up in our oceans. Upp! offers a local and circular solution for cities and regions. They do so by establishing their Upp! Circular Plastic Factory concept which uses plastic waste currently being burned or dumped to makes durable and recyclable products. This makes smart cities and regions circular and produce zero-plastic-waste.



Each of these Finalist innovations are undeniably shaping new environmental boundaries, but only one can be crowned winner. Join us, digitally, on June 11 to find out which to find out who will become the Blue Tulip Awards 2020 winner.

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