Introducing the Blue Tulip Awards 2020 Top 25

We proudly present the top 25 innovators for our eight themes. These concepts represent a diverse range of innovative ideas, all trying to solve the demands and challenges of the 21st century.

We proudly present the Top 25 innovators for our eight themes. These concepts represent a diverse range of innovative ideas, all trying to solve the demands and challenges of the 21st century. The Top 25 innovations per theme were chosen by a group of esteemed jury members. Using an online jury voting tool, the jury members narrowed down the list of over 600 innovative concepts. 

Curious to know who the Top 25 innovations are and which themes they belong to? Read ahead!


It’s no wonder that climate has increasingly been a ‘hot’ topic in our everyday conversations. For centuries, mankind has exhausted natural resources and taken the environment for granted. Yet, conclusive scientific evidence has shown that many of the extraordinary natural phenomena we experience are in fact caused by humans. We can no longer afford to sit idle while watching our Earth deteriorate: problems are getting harder to solve, and the consequences have become more damaging than ever before. We need to act now! 

The best remedy for climate change is human change and the accompanied transformation of industries. Today’s innovations are seeking to determine root causes and foster change, while doing so in an economically-viable fashion – as business cases need to be positive. We aim to help battle the challenges that our climate faces, by, for example, promoting the Blue Tulip innovations that truly prevent improper waste disposal rather than just minimizing it, and those that lead to full decarbonization instead of just limited carbon emissions. 

Aquatic Drones | Barsha Pump | Breathaboard | Circular Flooring | Circularise | CityTree | Climate Chain | Containerized 150kg/h waste plastics pyrolysis plant | DeltaQ | EARN-E – Low-Budget Energy Monitor | Envi.Base | Goldilocks | GreenRock | HeatCycle | Integrated Gravity Base Foundation | Magnetc Density Seperator | PolyStyreneLoop - putting the circular economy into action | Powerchainger 1.0 | Robotic wind turbine maintenance | TerraBattery | Thermo Acoustic Energy Converter | Towards zero plastic waste by making plastic waste circular | TULYP | WasteShark | Wijkie – We Share Energy



It is incontestable that the nature and structure of work is changing. Therefore, it is critical for emerging technologies to necessitate changes in both workforce and education to prepare for a radically different future. Why so? Simply because new technologies develop so rapidly that current workers need new skillsets to rival that pace. As a result, leading businesses need to reshape the nature of work to create new forms of value and scale up ‘new skilling’. In addition, a new education system is needed to help gain versatile skills that can’t be automated, such as creativity, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, ethics and lifelong learning.

Brainy | Conversational Academy | CoVince Adventurous Learning platform | Diagnose | Digital Society School | Winc Academy | Émilie - Intelligent Tutoring Application | Faqta Wereld & Talent | Foldio | Lifelong learning platform | LoCoMoGo - Learn code through play | MLX Covalence | NOOMI | Perlego | Picoo | Pluvo | Project Fearless | Reably | Rootify | Scorecard for Schools | Sqriba | TheNewWayofWork | Play2Speak: VR language learning | Wappler | Warp Studio



A new era of finance has arrived in which blockchain and artificial intelligence offer radically new opportunities. At the same time, new FinTech, InsurTech and RegTech concepts challenge the current status quo and accelerate disruption. Innovations in finance, insurance, and regulations have, therefore, the power to transform the playing field entirely. To jump on the bandwagon, financial organizations need innovative concepts and technologies that improve services and user experiences to satisfy the needs of future consumers.

Aria (Adapt Ready Risk Intelligence & Analytics platform) | BankiFi - Bank Account-ing from Gig to Big | Bizcuit ('biz kit'), the Swiss army knife for SME businesses | Chiron | Clixx | Cloud-native payment processing platform | Connect 2 Collect | Digital Insurance Platform | Dyme | Ease2pay app | Evergreen Hash (EgHash™) | filerskeepers | FINN - Banking of Things | Flair | FRISS Volmacht Acceptatie Service | FWDpay | InsureApp | Integrity Check | Online Payment Platform | PIVT | Real time independent revenue validation | Roos, we help people create financial breathing space | Secure digital escrow facility for consumers, businesses and professionals | The reinvention of small business loans | Twinco (Finance Program)



Modern-day society is rapidly advancing, and people can now live longer lives. This means we have a larger population with a higher average age. The consequence of this, however, is an increasing pressure on our healthcare system; we have an aging population that needs more care, healthcare systems with insufficient funding and workforce shortages that continue to rise. All these factors put the quality of care and patient safety at risk. 

Improving the current reimbursement model will help reduce costs and improve the quality of care. Hospitals, practices, laboratories and corporations will have to be proactive to keep up with competitors, new technologies, and patients’ growing needs. To deal with this, we need to focus on offering patients more personalized care, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. Innovations in healthcare can provide unique opportunities to transform our society and keep healthcare effective, accessible and affordable to all.

ArtiQ.PFT | Pharmaoffer - B2B platform for pharmaceutical raw materials | Brainance MD | Clinical Data Collector | Corpus VR | D60 | DD-DR | EMDR-VR | EVA - Extended Visual Assistant (for the Visually Impaired) | Hable braille interface device | Ivy One | LUMC Audio app | MarginGuide | Methica CC | Momo BedSense | MoreC G100 | MUSA - A ROBOT ASSISTING MICROSURGERY | Nemo Fetal Monitoring System | NeoVAC | Online Eye Exam | PICTURE - Improving brain tumor treatment decisions through a digital approach | PlaygroundVR | Prisma | SocialGenomics MOONSHOT | We develop the artificial intelligence that looks after the well-being of humans


Living & Working

The new generation works to live - and not only for a living. They expect employers and workspaces to support productivity, creativity and community. In fact, digital technologies have become an integral part of lives to as hyper-connectivity limits people in their physical communication. To reap the rewards and improve everyday life, innovative minds are required. Creating smart homes and offices will not be enough – we need to make entire cities smart and sustainable, and finally take our digital well-being seriously.

3D Concrete Printing | An AI matchmaking algorithm | BEAD | CityTree | Computer Vision-Powered Visual Engagement | Digital twins for smart cities | Ekkono Edge | Equalture | Green City Watch | Healthy buildings with vital occupants | Letos | - instant instructions | Niluk | OTree Lilly | PlaytoWork | Save Home | sensfix | Smart Windows For Smart Homes | Spacetime Layers | Talent Management Platform | The SwipeGuide Instruction Platform | Unified Framework for Blockchain Based Business Integration | Wijkie – We Share Energy | Yabbu | Zoi Meet



To prepare for the world of tomorrow, we need to rethink the way we travel and transport goods. The global shift towards the sharing economy, urbanization, smart cities and clean energy presents new challenges, but also offers opportunities for innovation and new technologies. Autonomous and connected vehicles, truck platooning and smart roads seemed futuristic just a few years ago, but are becoming the new norm. Technology will not only optimize our travel experience, make roads safer and shorten delivery times, but it will also challenge our perception of mobility. Are you ready?

A network of ultra-fast charging stations for electric vehicles across Europe | Aquatic Drones | Avy Aera - Wing drones for good | Board Now | Bringly - Green same-day delivery from local shops | Buurtvervoer | Cargo Mobility as a service | Chargetrip - Smart navigation for EVs | Ducktrain | Edorado full electric powerboats | Flexible shore side electricity based on hydrogen storage container | Green Tickets | Green wave mobile app | Guaranteed Mobility | Increase capacity of existing rail infrastructure with IoT | Mainblades Isaac | Maxem Direct Payment | Ontruck | Packaly |, your second front door | Retrofit small thermal cars into electric cars | RoadEO | StoreShippers | The Charge Tile (HUBi) | Tripps - one app for all your transport



How can we respond to the greater-than-ever demand for healthy, sustainable and fresh food? Due to a fast-growing global population, a large part of our society will likely suffer from hunger and malnutrition by 2030. It is our responsibility to develop sustainable agriculture solutions, raise productivity, slow deforestation, develop alternative food sources and reduce waste. All while optimizing our value chains from seed to consumer and from product to waste.

A New “Bag-in-Box” Drink Concept – A TOP POP-UP CUP™ | AdalbaPro | AI food waste monitor | aponix vertical barrel / 3D-NFT | Artificial intelligence and computer vision for livestock health management | Automating Insect Control with Bat-like Drones | Carb free bread (brand name currently under NDA) | CELINE technology | ChickenBoy | Climate-friendly, future-proof nutrition made from native European seaweed | Cricket based foods | Crisp | Food out of thin air | | Integrated Seaweed Cultivation System | Knakwortel / Dutch Carrotdog | Microbial production of nutrients and food additives designed and created using AI and computational modelling | OTFLOW® | Rainbeer: Rainwater as a resource | Scalable cell-based meat | Swillpower | Upprinting Food | Verdify | VitoScanner | Winnow Vision



The world is being continually disrupted by digital native models and novel digital technologies, allowing access to the masses. With everything and everyone connected, security plays a crucial role in instilling confidence and trust in the digital world. As artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, robotics and blockchain are becoming crucial parts in our future, for the better and the worse, it is security providers’ priority to keep us safe. To be able to live, work and add value to an increasingly digitized world, we must protect it against new threats – both intended and unintended, and from both humans and machines. Needless to say, digital trust and innovations in cybersecurity are essential to creating a brighter tomorrow.

AI analyst for Cyber Threat Intelligence (beta) | Anticipating criminal behaviour by discovering the narrative in data | Beyond DLP | BrainMatter | Care for Data (Privacy Preserving Analytics) | Data anonymization software | Deepfact | Digital Identity | Dot | Evergreen Hash (EgHash™) | Fake Rank | Flash-to-Cloud Ironclad Defense for IoT and Connected Devices | Legal Privilege Analytics engine | Notary Service for qualifying data as assets | Oddity real-time violence detection | Oneleet Hackademy | Scalys TrustBox | SIM-Safe | Smartlockr | Solving the Privacy Dilemma | Sovrin Network | Supply chain security assurance platform | The Trusted Application Kit | TLF Cyber. Cyber Defense Center infrastructure | Unified Cyber Access Control and Device Management for Industrial IoT


What’s Next?

Our eight themes highlight pressing global issues that affect us all. Through the Blue Tulip Awards 2020 program, we hope to further unleash the potential of the top 25 innovations during the Quarterfinals, on February 13th at Amsterdome, and give them the platform to create a positive impact.

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