Highlights of the Class of 2020

We kicked off the new year on January 9 with our exciting Class of 2020 event. In this event, our Class of 2020 innovators and partners were invited to celebrate innovation and network away!

Innovators and partners also had the opportunity to attend inspiring discussion sessions on Access to Capital, Access to Valuable Network, Access to Publicity, Access to New Markets and Access to Business Expertise. After the sessions, the guests had time to share their newfound knowledge with each other over drinks.

Curious to find out what was discussed during these interactive sessions? We've got your back! Here were the evening’s main points of discussion.

Access to Capital

This session was hosted by our partners, PNO, Symbid + Maas & Kleiberg, FundsUp, and UGOO, who touched on valuable insights relating to financing opportunities in both the Dutch market and the European market as a whole. How to receive subsidies, foster connections with accredited investors, as well as many other financial subjects were discussed.

Access to Valuable Network

Our partners, Rockstart and Accenture, hosted this session, which highlighted the importance of building and maintaining your network on LinkedIn. The hosts of the session stress that the recipe of effectiveness networking lies in 3 ingredients: be crisp, be bold and most importantly, be yourself.

Access to Publicity

This session, hosted by our media partners, Silicon Canals, RTL and TNW, touched on valuable insights related to publicity. It’s no surprise that a major issue startups struggle with is receiving recognition. Many startups don’t get the publicity they deserve, and some get it before they can handle the spotlight. The hosts of the session emphasized that startups should attract media using their innovative solutions and not a paid feature. 

Access to New Markets

This session was hosted by TNW and Dutch Basecamp, partners of the Blue Tulip Awards. The hosts discussed the importance of market research, how to categorize markets and their qualities, create an action plan and finally, how to react if things don’t go as planned.

Access to Business Expertise

Strengths to Connect, Best 3 Minutes, Culturefest and Ruigrok NetPanel hosted this session. They discussed how to create a corporate culture that stimulates innovative behavior, identify team strengths and finally, listen to the needs of the target audience.

Kirsten Spahr van der Hoek:

“We need to create inclusive financial solutions, find new ways to address climate change and create affordable health for all.” 

We hope that you have gained a wealth of insights through the expertise of our partners and are excited to see our innovators in action at the Quarterfinals. Keep a close eye on our social media pages so you don’t miss out on anything important! Follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to get the latest updates.


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