AIA18 Top 25

The AIA18 Top 25 innovations are ready to create a brighter tomorrow

Thursday 16 the Accenture Innovation Awards 2018 proudly announced the Top 25. The 25 leading innovations consist of a diverse batch of cutting-edge concepts, developed by pioneers in our eight global themes. The jury, with business professionals from the government, former AIA winners, influencers and theme experts, has decided on who are to continue their journey to the Summer Nights on September 4 and 6. With these innovations that are reshaping our world and unlocking new value, we are looking forward to the final stages of this amazing journey. 



We have selected eight different themes that are relevant for AIA18 and Health is one of them. What is this theme all about? Helping the aging population get access to affordable and quality healthcare is one of the goals here. Other goals include making healthcare accessible to all. Nowadays, there are still many people, especially in the so-called ‘third world’, who are excluded from getting into contact with qualified doctors with suitable medical supplies and technologies. Today’s HealthTech startups and scaleups help to tackle this accessibility gap by marketing their technologies not only locally, but also abroad. We’re curious to see which of this year’s Health participants will be awarded the Top 25 status!

Homy | Moving Stories | Wind Tales| DEBN | ProbeFix | iTOP  | ThuisVisite | Sani nudge | FibriCheck | Nori Health | Corpus VR | CloudCuddle | NAOS | Concord | NightWatch | BOOSTH - move to the next level | Envision AI | 2TWNTY4 | Project PICTURE: Improving brain tumor treatment decisions through a digital approach | The Versatile organ-on-chip platform | Heartstrings | SpeakSee | GlucoGenius (non-invasive glucose meter) | Incision Academy | Lymphit



Nutrition, FoodTech and Innovative Farming are the next topics that we explore this year. Nowadays, about one billion people worldwide are underfed, while equally, one billion people suffer from obesity. Similarly, with the ongoing climate change resulting in some crops not growing in time or not growing at all, food security has become more important than ever. This requires drastic action and sustainable innovation in the nutrition industry. What needs to be done is developing sustainable farming solutions, raising crop productivity, slowing down deforestation or eliminating its causes, and food waste needs to be reduced.

Liquidseal for Fruits | Hrbs. | Modular system for sustainable B2B food transport | Water from air without energy | Ecocreation Composter | Ship it Fresh! | Sustainable food production in cities using aquaponics and vertical farming | The Ultimate Bottle | I sea bacon | Coffee Based | SolarCreed Chicken Friendly Solar Lights | Sustainable Protein Source from Crickets | Wasteless | Sapflow and stem diameter sensors | Bijvangst -geen vis te gek- | Qlipr | Agri-wallet | Coffee as a Service | Alberts Smoothie Station | Coolfinity IceVolt 500 | Sustainable Insect Based Feed for Animals | Dutch Quinoa: local quinoa production worldwide, short quinoa food chains | Molecular water structure improvement by electromagnetic technology | Crickets for human consumption | Stratuscent



Next, why have we chosen Living & Working to be one of this year’s key themes? It is a contemporary issue that urbanization is on the rise but the homes where people move into are unsustainable to live in. For instance, homes are nowadays built so that they consume a lot of energy, instead of reusing old energy through innovative concepts. This isn’t the only challenge though; today’s society is increasingly dynamic, meaning that homes and personal devices need to become smarter to simplify such active lives. Hence, there is a louder call for sustainable smart homes and cities. Therefore, the urban landscape should adapt to the new way of living and working.

Temper | The MyriaMesh Smart T8 LED  | GeoSpark | Universal IoT Sticker | Decibel.LIVE | Closure | Expivi | Chargery | Towards a smart digital workforce | Chatbot2go | Lilian Water Analysis System | OptOSS AI | Smart Office Analytics. Big Data. Simple. | Etulipa​ | Smart Buildings - Energy Efficiency - Energy Management | Simaxx | Frosha | HOLOFIL | ULTRA IoT modular toolkit | Yugen | NeoSound - to turn a sound into data! | Emotion AI | The Blockchain Gateway | Tapp – Smart Cities Prototypes | TUR.AI​



Security is yet another important theme to explore. On the one hand, it is exciting to be immersed in an increasingly digital world with new developments such as AI, IoT, Blockchain, and so on. On the other hand, it is important that digital trust is created. Take the example of Facebook revealing a lot of private data to external parties without any consent. Security startups and scaleups are prepared to protect us from both cyberattacks and from hackers stealing private data and sharing it online. To be able to live and work in this digital age, we need to protect our devices from all kinds of new threats.

Cybersprint | secaura | Pakkie | baffle | | Block Armour | UTRUST | GPSDOME | The Blockchain Gateway | Decentralized threat intelligence | Ravelin Risk Prediction | Ana: Distributed Identity Infrastructure | VideoID - One Click Onboarding | TrusttheSource | Sovrin Network | QuantiCor | Awakey Euro - The digital cylinder | Privacy-preserving synthetic data | Biocryptology app | NoPassword Identity Platform | Privalino | Respond Analyst | CYBERUS KEY | BroadKey​



How is the Climate theme relevant today? Energy innovation needs to take place, because the world’s population keeps on growing and so does the energy consumption. This puts great pressure on the environment and especially on non-renewable resources. Clearly, the way we live now is unsustainable and we need to start using renewable energy as soon as possible. Luckily, there are already many innovators coming up with fixes for our current lifestyle. Green energy technology and circular economy innovations are examples of tackling the current obstacles in this theme. A global renewable energy transition needs to happen now. Let’s make this happen, together.

WasteShark | Excess Materials Exchange | Decibel.LIVE | Water from air without energy | Broadbit | Circular Systems | SunMotion | Magnetizable concretes | reflective full color outdoor displays based on EWD (Electrowetting Display) technology | Sustainable paint powder | Lumiduct | The DutchNet Hydrolectric | GreenerU app | Groenewijkstroom | LeydenJar​ | Board Now | H2ARVESTER | eShift | Greener battery | Fresh-r | BE O Bottle | Coolfinity IceVolt 500 | Green Window | SPRHOUT | ECO2



With new technologies emerging daily, the future workforce needs to be reshaped even faster as many jobs could be taken over by robots. We must learn new skills at the pace of technological progress. How? Through radical innovation in the Education theme! With augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR), the opportunities are endless. Learning whenever you can and wherever you are is now at your fingertips. Make sure you’ll never be left behind.

Otly | Appli, the internship app | BUKU | Communicate! - conversation simulator | Interclass meets AI | Karaton | Educational game that teaches kids how to code | 21TechStudio | EZVR | BYOR: Build-Your-Own-Robot | Sustainable design for kids | Veative VR | hoy app | Sense Glove | Blended learning mobile app | Helpr - chatbots for education | BV | AcaBoo | DesignCity: Technology - Design Thinking – SustainabilityEmotion AI | Leeruniek - learning analytics for primary education | CodeSkillz | Alles-in-één Maakbox | Incision Academy | Opensource Academy | The Web for Classrooms



Why the Mobility theme? Simply put, our global economy is increasingly interconnected; reliant on timely delivery and transport. As our economy expands, the environmental pollution, together with inner-city congestion, increases in urgency. It’s not only these side-effects that the growing economy faces though. In the first-world, everybody’s lifestyle seems to accelerate, making everyone impatient with the delayed trains and congestions. The solution? New technologies enable people to be at their desired destinations increasingly faster. Also, ride-sharing helps save the drivers’ transport costs and makes the world a more sustainable place. There’s a lot to explore in this theme!

Magnetizable concretes | The DutchNet Hydrolectric | Chargetrip | Tranzer | TicketEasy | Moodify Empathic Cat Systems | inventAIRy | Brenger | RoadWay | Wink Bar - The first connected handlebar to make any bicycle smart | ParkWise | CoDriver | | Mixed-Rotor Technology for UAVs | Smartmile | WindWheeler| A new wind powered vehicle! | Sjauf | EVA Nano Hub/The Next Generation Bus Stop | MOPRIM Transport Mode Detection | Green Tickets | Autonomous AI for Autonomous Driving Vehicles | The Carver: an electric Enclosed Narrow Vehicle (ENV) | Railway infrastructure monitoring as a service | Enerfy | Wireless charging​


Finance may come across as an obvious theme to value in the AIA18. Recently, many exciting things have happened, and are currently happening, in the financial services industry, particularly regarding blockchain and AI. Traditional banks are being challenged by FinTechs and financial jobs are at risk of being replaced by robotic equivalents. What’s currently demanded is a constant change of the status quo; innovators are competing to improve customer experiences and deliver their services while making clients’ privacy their priority. Here, the Security and Finance themes join hands to innovate. We simply cannot afford many more investors getting their money stolen from deceptive ICOs. This is where AIA18’s Finance innovators come in and stop distrust spreading.

Pakkie | Ravelin Risk Prediction | Roos, personal finance assistant | BrightPensioen, the sustainable pensioen challenger | DirectorInsight | Otly | | Dyme | Bittiq | Attrace | Semmie - Think big start small | | Een People to People investerings & hypotheek platform | Psychographic credit score | DeepNLP | FRISS Platform | AI in FinCrime | SimpledCard - Corporate payments simplified | We Kickstart Social Financial Care | Booqy | Tikkie Supersnel betalen  | Agri-wallet | Limitless | Regulated Onboarding | KYC on Blockchain​


Make it happen, Top 25!

As you can see, there are many reasons why AIA18 has chosen to focus on the eight themes discussed above. Health innovators try to tackle the problem of inaccessible and unaffordable health care. Nutrition pioneers address anorexia and obesity. In the Living & Working theme it’s vital that the urban landscape adapts to our increasingly dynamic lives. All the other themes are likewise addressing contemporary issues, be it local or global. That’s what makes AIA18’s innovation journey so important – the goal towards a better life for everybody.


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