5 Initiatives you don't want to miss!

During these complex times, keeping business as usual can be a real challenge. At Blue Tulip Awards, we believe that innovation should never be put to a halt and so do our partners. Companies everywhere are experimenting with new ways to overcome this crisis. Here are five initiatives by some of our partners, that are making a positive impact for the startup and scaleup community!


PNO | Corona Helpdesk

 PNO ‘s Corona Helpdesk will be highly valuable for finding answer to your questions and assisting you through uncertainty.  Their Helpdesk specialists are available for any questions about financial, tax or legal matters, Dutch and European subsidies and support measures.


TechLeap | Corona Startup Support Portal and Startup Roulette

To save startups from further distress during this crisis, TechLeap launched a portal that will be a go-to guide for tech startups to tackle any disturbances that arise during this period of uncertainty. This portal centralizes all relevant resources, corporate services and support initiatives for startups in one platform. You are encouraged to ask questions and seek advice from specialists that are familiar with your field and situation. 

As fundraising always is a challenge, especially during these times, TechLeap launched another initiative: StartupRoulette hosted by Golden Egg Check. StartupRoulette is basically an online speed dating event for selected startups and relevant investors. Each startup will have 3 meaningful speed dates (20 minutes) with investors and vice versa. 


Rockstart | Startup Support Sessions

Rockstart is hosting an online series under the name Startup Support Sessions with experts from their own network. Their experts can answer various questions and guide startups towards productivity and innovation through the current disruption. What to expect in these sessions? A lot of interactive communication, conversations on topics relevant to you and your business and, of course, advice on managing a business through times of crisis. Rocktart runs these sessions online on a continuous basis, meaning that if you would like a particular topic to be featured, you have the chance to mention it upon registration. 


TNW | Hackathon: Hack the Crisis

TNW responded to the disruption of COVID-19 by bringing the global movement of #hackthecrisis to the Netherlands on April 3-5. The focus of this hackathon was finding solutions to the much needed and trending topics of patient care, protection of medical and sanitary staff at hospitals, digital solutions for individuals and businesses in quarantine. To make this happen, TNW invited those who are motivated and want to make a real impact; people with the wide skillset necessary in this time, ranging from healthcare professionals to artists, from developers to communication specialists and from supply chain to blockchain and AI experts. Check out and follow the four winners that are undoubtedly future actors of battling today’s challenges and creating solutions for the world post-crisis.


BOOM Chicago | Live Stream Show: Going Steady | April 23 & 25, 20:00 CET. 

Life is better when you laugh! – These are the exact words of Boom Chicago. Even though you might feel as if fun is on pause right now, real life couple Matt Castellvi and Stacey Smith from the Boom Chicago cast disagrees by bringing you a special live stream show. Their online performance comes in three parts and consists of a funny improv on life, love and anything else that comes up. Everyone involved in the show, but our couple on stage, keeps 1,5 m distance, including the musical director. Boom Chicago brings you emotional intimacy while social distancing by laughing along Matt and Stacey. Go on and support their passion for performing and each other! 


A big round of applause for our partners and the whole innovation ecosystem for adapting to the current situation and spreading positivity through all these great initiatives. These challenging times have shown, and continue showing, that resilience, creativity and solidarity will allow us to pull through, together. 



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