10 game-changing startups that take on food security and AgriTech

With agriculture being one of the largest causes of global environmental change, finding a sustainable way to produce food has never been so important. While people are suffering from malnutrition on one side of the globe, obesity is being fought on the other side. Along with the ever-growing population, food security is a hot topic.

Growing demand for high-quality, nutritious foods has led people to think creatively and explore alternative food sources. To protect the environment, we must all choose to slow deforestation, encourage and adopt alternative food options, and minimize waste. The following startups and scaleups are here to show us how:

Protifarm – Founded in 2015, this Dutch scaleup is helping us to consume efficiently and effectively. Protifarm offers environmentally friendly food solutions by producing a sustainable food ingredient line made of insects. Although they might not look or sound too appealing, insects have been proven to be a highly sustainable and effective source of protein. Developing food for the future means it’s time to try something new. 

EVJA– A Naples-based innovative startup founded in 2015 that focuses on helping farmers make smarter decisions about their crops. By using artificial intelligence (AI), EVJA’s products are designed to improve irrigation management and help farmers achieve the richest crops yield without harming the environment in the process. 

PATS Drone Solutions – Founded in 2018, this startup developed a way to reduce labor and product costs for greenhouse farmers by enabling small drones to catch insects that are flying around the greenhouse. Inspired by bats and dragonflies – these drones help reduce insect populations around greenhouses and decrease the percentage of plants and crops infected by them. A higher percentage of healthy crops means having less waste, and more food for us to enjoy. 

Winnow Vision A company with a simple belief: food is valuable and is too often wasted. With their developed AI technology, Winnow aspires to cut food waste by half and save costs in commercial kitchens all around the globe. By training an AI monitor to track food being thrown away in the trash, the company makes chefs more aware of what they’re wasting. 

EV Biotech – A young startup based in Groningen which is on a mission to produce high- value chemical compounds in a sustainable matter. Keeping the environment in mind and using trailblazing technologies, EV Biotech is turning the production of chemical compounds for biomaterials, agriculture, and pharmaceutical markets into a biological process that’s free of oil-based sources.

Solar Foods – Free of the burdens of agriculture and aquaculture, this Finnish startup is here to change the game. Founded in 2017, Solar Foods aims to reinvent the way we produce protein. By using CO2, water, and electricity, Solar Foods brings a truly sustainable product to market, ready to shake up the industry. 

Higher Steaks – Animal-friendly, people-friendly, and eco-friendly. This company is using cell culture techniques to produce delicious meat without harming the planet in the process. A sustainable way to offer meat products without compromising their taste. 

Upprinting Foods – On a mission to reduce food waste while creating a unique dining experience, Upprinting Foods uses otherwise wasted foods to 3D print new products in special shapes. Baked and dried with a crispy texture, these leftover ingredients are given a second shot. 

Swillpower – A project from Bioclear, aspiring to make a truly sustainable cycle from ‘swill’ - also known as organic waste. By fermenting organic waste into biogas, Swillpower hopes to create a truly sustainable model by upgrading the biogas to green gas.

Sunt Foods – Founded in 2018, this Amsterdam-based startup is going bananas for banana bread. Fighting for food waste reduction and making delicious products is what SUNT foods is all about. Responding to the hype around healthy banana bread, SUNT foods is right on time to claim its spot in the market while doing good and helping reduce food waste. 

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